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Who? Know’s their BEEF -Check out this Beef Chart..

Who? Know’s their BEEF -Check out this Beef Chart..

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Like a lot of things in life, I find new things popping up all the time.. For me this is a piece of beef called Knuckle Steak and I never heard if it in the uk.

Ok so last week I got some and cooked it like a steak on the hot plate only to find that no matter how I tried it came out tough. So today I though I would do some research into the best way to cook it and Slow cooking came out as the best method. But what is good, is I came across this beef chart and thought it may be nice to share with my readers. All two of you lol. You lucky people he he.

beef cuts chart

Update.. Just took it out of slow cooker and its so tender.. Yum yum.


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