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What Motorcycle Will I Get, When I Pass the B2 Test in Malaysia.

What Motorcycle Will I Get, When I Pass the B2 Test in Malaysia.

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I have been asked by many people, What Bike will I get once I pass the B2 Test, and it’s a good question, as one has to ask oneself do I get a second hand one until I am satisfied with my road craft which take’s time to develop, after all if I drop a second hand one it won’t hurt as much as dropping a brand new shinny motorcycle.

Check out some photos of the dorado 250 below:-


But you know what! Looking at the prices of second hand and new ones, I think I will go all out for the New One. In my book having a new bike will make me respect the machine and the way I use it. Plus I don’t like the idea of unknowns as with the second hand market.

At least from New with its warranties and service schedules I feel this is better service to myself.

With a bike their is not a lot between you and the ground, so you want to make sure it’s in top condition at all time’s, to give you the best chance that if something does go wrong,and having a bike in good condition could go a long way to getting you out of a tight spot so to speak.

Ok so after lots of consideration I have decided that it will be the Keeway Bolinni Dorado 250cc Cruiser.Cost right now is around RM11,600 but one has to search for the best deal you can get, if not in price reduction then with added gifts, insurance, some extra kit for the bike. Lots of ways to get a good deal even if the vendor will not move on his price. Watch this space so they say….

This Will be my First Bike


because not only does this bike look great, with it’s low center of gravity it make it a good bike for beginners like myself.

And another thing is I like the easy rider position, as I am not a speed demon so to speak the easy rider position will be just what I want to enjoy the riding experiences around Johor Bahru and Beyond.

view from right side

bike with side panniers and top box

old style dorado

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10 Responses so far.

  1. rick says:

    actually kalau korang perasan enjin utk dorado ni ialah diambil dari model virago 250…perhatikan betul2 dan siap telur krom kanan kiri sekali mcm virago

    • admin says:

      You May Be right Rick, The parts on the dorado are a mix from lots of different bikes, which is good as parts later on should be ok to get and mix and match. the virago is to expensive for my needs. but thanks for your comments.

      regards John

  2. mohd fauzil says:

    Hi John, i will be moving to bukit beruntung end of the year and am considering a motorbike to commute to KL and putrajaya for work. i was thinking of getting a kawasaki vn ii but am having double mind as it may be too much for me for a beginner. as i was browsing, i came across your blog on dorado. the design and price looks impressive, at least to me,as beginner.

    would you mind sharing with me your experience after riding the bike since the last couple of months? in term of its road handling, is the machine easy to manage? maintenance? “pick up” when leaving traffic light from stationary, etc.

    appreciate if you can share some excperience on your dorado.



    • Hi Fauzil,

      Bike in Malaysia are so expensive and the dorado 250 is a great first bike from what i read on the blogs and facebook groups.

      You will be surprised when you see it for real its got a great stance and v twin engine looks so good, I have not got the bike yet but if you look at my previous reply to another reader you will find the best deal I have found for now, but its in kl at RM11699 after discount and include full box, side boxes and windscreen.

      So many people are looking at this bike, Having spoken to a few guys in the dorado club in facebook they are very pleased with the pick up and power for a 250cc, its also got some style and looks like a 650cc but its all down to how it fits you, I went to the head office in Kl to try the bike for size. they will let you ride it only when they have events otherwise its just sit on for the feel of it. I found it to feel really big and nice fit for me with the sit up and beg stance it felt so good.

      I will get it as soon as I move in landed property.

      Good luck and enjoy your Riding.
      regards John J Foster.

  3. kevin says:


    did you purchase this bike? i too am looking at this bike, that and the naze cruise 250. it appears nobody let’s you test drive these bikes here in penang. from sitting on the bikes, they both feel good. if you bought the dorado, what are your thoughts?

    • Hi Kevin. I am getting the bike from Vpower in kl. they give the best price. Plus screen and top and side panniers. For Rm11699. Not seen it better anywhere else. But waiting till I move into landed property. Look at the dorado club in Facebook lot of people got it and love it.

      Good luck. And safe riding.
      Regards John j foster

  4. Phil says:

    I would sincerely consider a Yamaha, Kawasaki or a Honda for a beginner to intermediate biking …

    Why not try a Kawasaki VN250 MYR 25,989.00

    Some of my friend has this bike and they are tough and easily serviced.
    They commute daily to Singapore. I would really prefer a reputable brand of bikes
    then the later. Seriously … quality matters. Though i cost alot more but this makes you safe and sound and worry-less about quality of built and ride.

    It will be years for another change of bike.

    just my 2 cent.



    • I don’t wanna spend that much for first bike, I decided on the Dorado after chatting with many people that have it, they all say it’s very well made and while made in China a lot of the parts are supplied by Benelli the italian side of keeway, so parts etc not a problem,They also report great for around town, quick away from lights and cruises around the 110 -120 mark no problem, thats well fast enough for me, I’ll be using it for runs about the town and leisure trips out to the tourist point around johor.

      Bikes are so expensive over here in Malaysia I was so surprised.

      Just got to find outlet in JB selling and maintaining them.

      Regards John

      What bike are you thinking of getting Phil.

  5. Suzanne Omar says:

    yes … I too m looking for my first bike…… and Dorado seems the one to go for.Where in KL or Shah Alam do i go check it out??

    • Oh cool,these bike r so stylish.

      Get in touch with them, if you have any questions or general comments related to the selected range of Benelli and Keeway motorbikes via the following methods:

      1) Email us at, or

      2) Give us a call at +603-60283811, or

      We are located at No.1 Jalan Kenanga 1, Seksyen BB11, Bandar Bukit Beruntung, 48300 Selangor, Malaysia. check their website out.

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