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Watching Classic Comedys in Johor Bahru

Watching Classic Comedys in Johor Bahru

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The complete Only Fools and Horses DVD collection from series 1-7. The best series are 5,6 and 7 all on this set. they were given to me by my brother on his last visit and wow they are so good…

Only fools and horses on jb_blog

Classic Movies on jb_Blog

Join Delboy, Rodney, Grandad and Uncle Albert once again in every episode from the first seven series of this classic British comedy. Episodes include: “Big Brother”, “Go West Young Man”, “Cash And Curry”, the brilliant “The Second Time Around”, “A Slow Bus To Chingford”, “The Russians Are Coming” and “Christmas Crackers”.

I have not stopped laughing watching these as they are so down to earth and so funny, if you have not seen these I urge you to get them as they are classics.

And Christmas is a great time to watch these.

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