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Tips To Help You Pass your B2 Motorcycle JPJ Test in Malaysia

Tips To Help You Pass your B2 Motorcycle JPJ Test in Malaysia

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Passed the Motorcycle jpj test

Ok so here are my tips to help you pass the motorcycle B2 test in Malaysia.

The reason I am doing today’s post is because, on Thursday I will be examined while doing the jpj course by my instructor, He will then decide if I am suitable to take the official jpj test or identify areas that need working on first.

So while its all fresh in my mind I decided to take you onto the course that we do in Johor Bahru Malaysia, and truly hope it helps any other students to the motorcycle world.

The first section from the Start point,is over the bridge (has to be more than 7 sec to pass), then cones, in and out about 8 of them, then onto the Emergency brake.

You have to first push the bike to the start area, and wait for the green signal from the JPJ, Once you get the Signal you start your checks.

1. Check Helmet
2. Check Helmet strap.
3. check mirrors,
4. check gear neutral.
5. start bike.
6. select Gear.
7. foot onto break and check over right shoulder.
Move off and up on to the bridge, advice for this is vast, some say use 1st gear, others second, some say take it fast then release throttle and steer across, others so take it slow from the start. but you will work out which one is best for you while you practice, OK for me because i am a big guy on a small bike I use the fast onto bridge then off all power just steer of course if it slows to much you can give a little throttle then off it right away etc.
(This for me had been my Achilles heel. But with practice I can now take my bike over it. The best tip I can give for this is, not to focus on the bridge itself but head up and to look far ahead)
Then next part after the bridge is the cones and for this the best tip is not to focus on the cones but the exit point of each cone. its true is you look where you want to go the bike will go their, but focus onto the cones and you will hit them every time. so head up and look to the exit points.
Emergency Brake Stop.

For this one you need to get speed up to around 20km and be in 3rd gear – Today I was told I would fail because I used the front brake first and hard, the instructor showed me that the correct procedure is foot brake hard then to the close of the stop apply the hand brake.

once you stop left foot down, keep hand brake on then turn around to the JPJ officer, he will then signal you to continue, then you can change gear back down to second and indicate right to move off, don’t forget to look over right shoulder before you move off.

The next part of the test is the Route Test.

On this test you will be observed for correct lane, blind spot checks, and indicating your turns.
you will also have to do the figure of eight course, and the sharp bend course, these are best done by focus your attention where you want to go and not to look down at the kerb-stones,your instructor will be best to advise you on this part.

you will then head to the stopping point.

On arrival at the stopping point you need to follow some procedures for stopping and bike checks and arm hand signaling.

OK so so when you stop you need to in this order check.
1. signal turn off.
2. look over right should and make the hand stop signal.
3. put bike into N
4. turn off the bike.

At this point you need to look over to the JPJ officer for signal to continue.

Then further checks are needed in this order:

1.Check helmet and straps
2. check mirrors
3. check bike in N
4. Start bike
5. with two hand lean forward and check headlight on
6. apply foot brake and move hand over the brake to check it.
7. put right turn signal on and check front and rear.
8. put left turn signal on and check front and rear.
9. Select Gear, then with foot on brake
10. look over right shoulder, make arm outreach on the right, put hand back onto handle
11. look over left shoulder, make arm outreach to the left.
12. look over right shoulder then arm outreach to the left.
prepare to move off onto next route course.

on this part of the course pay attention to signaling and correct gears when moving off, also the blind spot checks by the bridge and the jpj tower.

When you get back to the stopping point

turn off signal, look over right shoulder and make the stop hand signal, put bike into N then turn the bike off, next step off the bike to the left and put the bike onto its double stand.

Then Look to the jpj officer for signal, once you get it you need to push the bike to the side ready for the next person to use.
then it’s a matter of going to the jpj Officer and collect your result….

Then main thing I find is to try and relax, the bike will handle much better if you are not stressed up.
to keep head up and look ahead or to your exit points, where you want to go.

Well it really up to you to let the instructor know if any part of the course you are not happy with work on it before you take the test. practice practice practice is the BEST TIP OFF ALL.

Important to remember that this only relate to the course that I do at our training school, I have noticed on some you tube videos that other centers start with the figure of eight then go onto the bridge cones etc:

And of course I will let you know how it goes for me when I take the test…..

UPDATE 🙂 Ye har! I passed the JPJ test today 17th April 2013., I am so pleased, there was around 40 other students taking theirs but not sure how they went on.Although from the smile going around a lot did well.

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24 Responses so far.

  1. Alexander says:

    Hi, John I’ll be taking the test tomorrow. By the way, assumed that I missed 1 cone out of the 6 is it okay? Feeling nervous…..

    • Hi alexander, Good luck for tomorrow ill keep my fingers crossed for ya. 1 cone should be ok i think you need to make 3 mistakes to fail – please let us know how you get on.

      regards John

      • Alexander says:

        Thanks for your motivation and support. 🙂
        John, the 3 mistakes you meant is include the KPP01, KPP02 AND KPP03, in these 3 tests maximum mistake is 3 or 3 mistake for each test?

  2. NurFatin says:

    Hey John..this thursday i will take b2 pra test..let give it an example..let say i can’t do it on the bridge.. the jpj will saying we ” fail” or let us continue to the end?

    • Oh wow! Good luck, Don’t worry to much because even if you make a mistake on the bridge, you can continue to finish the course and if not more mistakes then it should be ok but all depends on the officer in charge on the day. ( they know you be nervous and so make allowances). But I found once i cued up to start the course my nerves were overtaken by concentration on the course ahead. The bridge was always me daemon but thankfully on the day i got across it ok and only made one mistake in missing one of the cones otherwise perfect.

      I will be wishing you good wishes for the test..

      let us know how you got on.

      regards John

  3. Kartika says:

    hey john, i heard of some sort of test where you could take a car and bike license, whats that all about? like are ya gonna like have to spend a crap load of time at the center and do lots of practices for the car and bike? cause that would really suck, but i wanna get that sort of license thingy oh and great post

    • Hi Kartika,

      I not heard anything about this myself, maybe any readers who have can leave a comment for us all to read.. and thanks for your kind words about the post.

      Good Luck with your test

      Regards John

  4. Marcus Loke says:

    Hi Phil, I’m wondering can I drive a bike like SYM Wolf 125 when I get my L license at the age of 16? And what’s the category of those bike? (I mean like B2 or something like that) Appreciate if you answer my question, TQ.

    • Hi Marcus,

      The 125 will come under the b2 license, so you should be ok riding it at 16 with insurance etc of course, the B2 allows you to ride any bike up to and including a 250cc powered motorcycle.

      Good luck and always ride safe..

      regards John

  5. navin raj says:

    how old i can obtain my b2 license 16 or 18

  6. Joseph says:

    How soon can I get a license ?

  7. Zecharry says:

    Hi Phil,

    I got lots of questions on getting this B2 license. I’ll be 16 next month, and I got my family permission for getting a license. What is the minimum age requirement and what should I bring to the JPJ?

    I’m from Bintulu, Sarawak. 🙂

    • Oh wow Zecharry, this is an exciting time for you, having a motorcycle will give to freedom to explore, but take your time and always ride safe.
      With regards about the license, I prefer to not give advice because its best you get it direct from the JPJ as things change so much I do not want to give bad info on my blog.

      For the up to date info regarding your question, please visit the JPJ website here.

      Regards and please do let us know how you get on and any questions regarding the test you can ask me.

  8. Paul says:

    Regardless of what you are supposed to do in the test, if someone has a superbike as his first bike, that person would never pass the exam. The reason is that the superbike and ex5 bike which is a complete shit bike, are really different in control. Moreover, in the test, they dont let you use their bike which is stupid because they are used to their bike, not ex5 bullshit bike.

    • Hi Paul,
      From what I saw in Johor Bahru, you use the bikes belonging to the center, and they are in fact the ones you use for the jpj test.
      the bike are easy to master, but I agree if you could use your own bike it would be better , but I guess they want everyone to be on the same playing field. In the UK you can use your own bike for the test.

      Also I think its a lot of luck at which place you go to learn and how old the bikes are and how they are maintained.

      Thanks for your comment Paul…

  9. Alex W says:

    Excellent post in such a detail. I got my L license last week hope I can pass the coming B2 test.

    All the best,

  10. phil says:


    Good tips on B2 test.

    I heard that the lessons and tests are conducted in Malay in JB. No English available. Is this true?


    • Hi Phil
      You are correct, however I was lucky as a driver already I only had to do the safety course and practical before I could take lessons, the safety course I was lucky as nice young man translated it for me, but to be honest most of it is pictorial on slide show projection screen so not hard to follow it.

      The instructors speak english and are very patient in teaching me.

      all in all I very happy with them, I got my JPJ test booked for next week so I can put into practice what they have taught me, today we had the QTI test which is exactly the same as the JPJ test and I got 100% pass so very pleased just hope I can do it next week.

      Thanks for your comment.

      regards John

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