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Started my Diet and so Far I feel Great.

Started my Diet and so Far I feel Great.

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Yeah it’s been 3 weeks now and already I have lost over 5kg. the best of it is I do not feel hungry at all and so far I have lots of energy.

I think the good thing for me, is that being retired and not having to go to work enables me to keep to a schedule of eating times and exercise.

I walk 1/2 hr each day around the Condominium and lots of steps in the route I take. I miss doing my weight training but understand being on a diet best not to push the body to far.

the first 3 weeks i was on meats and water , now I am mixing it up meat and veg then the next day back to meat only and non fat dairy products.

It’s also strange because I love my bread and potatoes plus cheesecakes and non have passed my lips since. truth is that it has not bothered me one bit.

ALso its making me a better cook, Now I am seasoning the foods better and cooking not in butter or olie oil but dry non stick pans using the fats or juice from the food being cooked. the other day I done a fillet of Salmon and just seasoned it pepper and salt cooked it skin side down 7 mins turned it over then cooked 4 mins and WOW it was so good.

Another thing is that I am eating more fish and enjoying it so much.
I have found a nice fish guy that cleans all the scales and butterflies the fish and then I usually filet the bones out once its cooked

the other thing is having yogurt plain non fat stuff and surprise that I like it a lot because I can use it on its own and in the pan to make a nice sauce for the fish.

OK well thanks for stopping by, will update progress later, and if anyone wants more details of the diet I am using. please just ask.

lose weight NOT

UPDATE 25th March 2013.

Well it’s going well and I am now down to 91.3kg from 99kg its slow but thats good because if it comes off to quick it can also go back on quick. this last week I reintroduced veg and carbs but that was a mistake as weight leveled at around 91kg so this week I will drop the carbs again and just meat and veg, yogurts etc.
Ok well I will update next week so you can see how I am doing.
Oh! I have to add, this was without exercising, and one of the must with this diet was a 20 min walk each day, so I will add this back into my routine.

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