Great News from Johor Bahru

Rain, Rain, Go Away Come Back Another Day!

Rain, Rain, Go Away Come Back Another Day!

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Johor Bahru is getting a lot of rain lately, nearly every afternoon is raining, this means floods.

forcast in jb

I got caught in one once in the city center and it cost me a small fortune to have the carpets and electrics renewed and a friend on mine also got caught and it cost him around 30k to have his car put right.

Floods in taman sentosa

So it not a cheap item if you get stuck in traffic with Zero vision and the can not move only to find your feet suddenly getting wet from the water ingress into your car.

I just do not go out in the afternoons now and avoid the areas that are know to flood like taman sentosa, skudai areas.

flood water

Come back Sun All is forgiven.

flood along jalan tebrau

Have you got caught out by the floods,? share your experience here.

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