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No Change in Weight After One Months – Problem! Food Size Portions

No Change in Weight After One Months – Problem! Food Size Portions

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no weight loss this week- cry cry

Well I thought I was doing well until this weeks weigh in and i had not lost any weight and my bmi fat % was also the same.

The strange thing is my pants are falling off me so my waist size has dropped.

Good Food Goes A Long Way

From what I can work out the problem lies in the amount of healthy food I am eating, I thought because i was eating veg and salads I could eat as much as I wanted but having read up on it – it turns out that three big meals a day is not as good as six small ones spread out over the full day.

So that’s the program for this week.

Also I got a Pedometer and last week i used it to just see what doing my daily routine was and it turns out to be around 1800 to 2600 steps each day.

today reading for 5 times around condo.

So starting this week and I had just done it. 5 times around our Condominium grounds and Gardens works out to be 5344 steps so I shall be doing this each morning before i start on anything else, then around 11am start the TRX and afternoon around 3pm do the Circle Glide and see if the helps.

Wish me luck…..

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