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Nice Work Out Today in Gym and The Pool.

Nice Work Out Today in Gym and The Pool.

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Work Out at the Gym

Work Out at the Gym

Morning workout today, was really good, you see I forgot to take my iPhone with me to listen to my music so I had to put with the TV being on, and it turned out to really good, as ELlen Degenerates was on and it was her Christmas show, with lots of stars on it and she had some really good fun with the audience.

Of course while this was on I was working out on the epilator, and before I knew it one hour had gone by, it was time for the weights and all this time watching the ellen show.

Swimming pool relaxing

Relaxing by the Pool

So as it turned out the show finished just about the same time as my work out did, so it was off for a swim and relax by the pool and I really enjoyed it.

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  1. Clara says:

    Hi, Im Clara..hmm Can i know where this gyme located ? im looking for fitness center and swimming pools around johor bahru since im just here for few months..
    TQ ..

    • Hi Clara, Yes its at the thistle hotel in Johor Bahru, its a great gym and people so nice, the outside pool is really nice and relaxing, great place to chill and lunch time the Pizzas are fantastic. so go get your training the all the good work you done you can lose by eating the very filling pizzas, but I don’t feel guilty as I just done good work out.

      If you go over you can ask for a trial day, Usually they will let you use it for one day to see if you will like it. then if you do you can join, also tell then you are not here long I am sure they will be able to work out a good price for you.

      Best regards John

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