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New Year 2013 – New iphone Bug.

New Year 2013 – New iphone Bug.

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Get that Bug out of my iPhone

iPhone not working

Woke up this morning in wonderful Johor Bahru the sun shinning children playing outside in the pool thinking oh wow what a wonderful world, only then  to find my iPhone had developed a bug over night, I thought oh WOW! this is a good start to 2013,  what this bug did was to mix two screens constantly, this was so annoying that it made everything look so blur and distorted.

Also all of the apps had been moved around, I did the usual resets but to no avail, and EVERYTHING I TRIED FAILED.

So I am now resorting to a full factory reset and reinstall of the iPhone software.

This should in theory give me back a working phone but loss of all previous data, which if you are like me and back up weekly, will not cause you any problems. and all the apps previously used are still stored on iTunes so really not a big deal, just time consuming.

But you know when you get that feeling in your gut when thing are just not right, well i got that feeling now. Oh well if worse come to worse I can go back to my old trusted Nokia lol.

16 minutes to go on download, fingers crossed, to be honest – it’s only when the phone goes wrong you realise how much you use it. maybe it’s a lesson that I should appreciate things more.

8 minutes to go,

Ok well its finalising the reinstall but I think it’s failed because i can still see the blurriness.

Well that never worked, Oh Dear what to do with a blur iPhone….

Guess more searching online for the solution, what would we do without the internet….


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