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My Daily Fix, What’s Your’s……

My Daily Fix, What’s Your’s……

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my daily vitamins and milk thistle

This is the only things I take Daily, my multivitamins and my milk thistle.

The milk thistle was recommended to me to help clear the liver of fatty deposits that can clog up the working of the liver, and must say that since taking them I feel much more alert and with a feel good, feeling, before I was always tired and feeling down.

the multi vitamins I am not sure if they work or not but like a lot of things in life you have to have faith and hope that they do.

But I am 55 years of age and have a great full set of teeth, great vision without glasses and the only problem area is my fat belly (ongoing challenge) but I am working on this, Have to say its so hard in Malaysia as the food here is so good no matter where you eat, Johor Bahru has great food, be it from a hawker stand of from fine dinning so far all have been good.

But exercise is something I try to do each day, although I must admit I have been naughty on this over the last two weeks and done none, so I am off now down to the gym to do a nice work out while watching Ellen on TV.

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