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My Birthday Trip to the UK Agro Resort in Johor Bahru

My Birthday Trip to the UK Agro Resort in Johor Bahru

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I am another year older and wiser and I decided to go and visit the UK Agro resort to see how the goats are raised and the process from the  feeding of the goats up to giving milk.

I found the place to be very big and was thank full for the Buses that took you around the Farm.

One thing I was pleased to see was how clean it was everywhere but importantly around the goats pens places for them to roam right down to the babies, anyway I can talk all day about them as I really enjoyed my 3 hours at the resort, So check out the photos for an insight into this wonderful place in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Great day out for the family.

The Herb garden was a let down, and although they had lots of signs around, it was hard to distinguish where the herbs were, I had chat with manager and suggested they put small box of the planted herbs by each sign so it will be easier to identify them.Otherwise a great day out.

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  1. Gwen Lim says:

    Hi! John,
    Your blog is great. Looking forward to take a short trip there with my entourage for a short trip across the border. Those pictures are indeed very helpful.
    Thank you,

    • Thanks Gwen, it was a very good day out and it was my birthday so that was the start of the day and then we went for lunch, then shopping in Kluang then meal out for dinner all in all a great day.

      Hope your visit is a great success but just feeding the goats is a good feeling.

      Regards John J Foster

  2. nur says:

    I’m from Johor and never been here myself…will find time to do so.

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