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Motorcycle Safety – Motorcycle Airbag Jacket.

Motorcycle Safety – Motorcycle Airbag Jacket.

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High Visible Vest – Be seen and be safe

When a motorcycle rider or horse back rider crashes, the airbag instantly inflates, developing an armour of protection to reduce the possibility of injury to important bodily parts such as spine, chest, Kidney, neck, and major organs at the upper body.

We strongly advocate putting on a Motorcycle Airbag Jacket as it will definitely enhance the joy of motorcycle riding or horse back riding. Most importantly, it will improve the overall safety aspect of a motorcycle rider and horse back riding.

MotoAir has full range of  leather jacket, mesh jacket or polyster jacket  that incorporate a airbag system in the jacket

They come in various designs such as Vest, extreme jackets, leather jackets, can the cruiser type jackets, but they all have one thing in common Safety.

Extreme series

leather vest type, cool for the cruiser bikers

Champion Series a cool looking stylish jacket


The one thing all riders know is just how vulnerable they are out on the roads and highways, If this is as good as they say then it gets my vote. Lets face it anything you can do to protect the most valuable thing in your life is worth it.

Enjoy your riding and be safe out their you guys……

Please note: all pictures and video are from the Motoair motorcycle jackets website.

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