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Korg Piano Keyboard SP-170DX

Korg Piano Keyboard SP-170DX

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Just went out for a walk and passed my Favorite music store in Johor Bahru, and seen this nice Korg keyboard,


korg SP170DX


korg SP170DX




the Keys felt heavy like a piano and I really liked that, some of the other keyboards had a plastic sound when you released the key but not the Korg. it had a sticker price of RM2k++ and with bargaining could probably get it for the 2K (well one thing I learn from my Johorean brothers is to barter for everything.)

I already have a nice 88 key Casio 8000 model but I really like this Korg it’s got me thinking now. is it time to change.?

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Way Sook Yee says:


    Can I know the name of the music store and where it is?
    I been looking for this piano at Johor area.

    Hope can get your soonest reply.

    Thank you.

    Sook Yee

    • HI Sook Yee,

      Yes it’s called C&M MUSIC CENTRE. and it’s in the danga city mall 3rd floor near the It section he has two shops one for pianos and the other for mixed equipment guitars,drums etc.

      Good luck and hope you get good deal I am still happy with my purchase from them and I like you can try with no pressure to buy.

      I went back 6 times to play it before I said ok I take it.

      and each time i got the same smile and welcome.

      They also have sales each month so if you lucky you may get it cheaper….

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