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HappyCall Double Sided Pan – My First Meal With It.

HappyCall Double Sided Pan – My First Meal With It.

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You all heard about the Double sided Happycall pan from Korea, Well I have wanted one since I first saw them and got one yesterday at a great price Jumbo size for RM80 in Johor Bahru Malaysia.

Happycall pan

Pork lion Cuts ready to be cooked

pork lion cuts cooked in the happycall pan

Roasted veg in the Happycall pan.

I decide to do a nice family roast meal and started out with the roasted potato,carrots and onions, 5mins in Micro then transfer to happycall pan for ten mins cooking and as you see perfect roasted veg and so tasty, before cooking i coated in olive oil and salt and pepper, next was the mushrooms cooked in the leftover juice from the veg, then the final pork lion cuts that i flattened and seasoned salt and pepper and olive oil. these I cooked for four mins each side, and they came out so good.

Update: sept 2013.

ok I HAVE TO TELL YOU that I use the happy call pan every day, the best is the first meal on the flat side of the pan. I can do bacon and frieD eggs using no oil to cook. And they taste great. Plus other days I do pancakes and I can. Tell you they are so good. This pan is so cool to use and so easy to keep clean.

I got the Happycall double sided pan from Delivered direct COD. This was so cool as not many companies do this. But it installs confidence in you because you don’t pay till you receive.

I like using Lazada.

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