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Granola Bars The Easy Way

Granola Bars The Easy Way

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I like to take the easy way in life and cooking is no exception, So today I made Granola Bars the fast way my mother taught me, total time about 30 mins from start to finish and will give you about 12 to 15 bars.

my Granola Cooking


Set oven to 220, line the baking deep dish, in one pot on the stove put in the sugar butter, honey, syrup, a little water and vegetable oil, bring to th boil then to simmer for 5 mins, while this is on the go in another bowl put the dry ingreedients, oats, oatbran, mixed fruits and nuts, cranberries, then once the hot liquid is done pour over dry mix well and put into the baking dish you already lines pop into over 20 mins all done. let it cool then cut into bars.

At this stage I like to wrap each bar in grease proof paper“““ and put them into a tupperware dish with tight lid or the ants will just love this treat. with all the sweet stuff in it.

Now have one a day for snack around 11am with cup and tea.

Update: Oh wow these are so good, so full of naughty sweet flavors. Naughty but Nice……

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