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Glad To Live In Malaysia

Glad To Live In Malaysia

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Snow covered phone boxes

Snow covered phone boxes

It’s times like these when my family and friends back home in dear old blighty are complaining about how cold it is, is when I am really happy for the two seasons in Malaysia none of which are cold.

Even the Monsoon season here is not to bad because the rain here is warm not like in the UK it will freeze the bones of ya!.

Right now I am sat out on my balcony having breakfast 7.46am and its slightly overcast but bright, then around 8.30 I go to gym and swim and by this time the sun is usually out. Of course the water is a little cold but I have got used to that refreshing feeling as the water encases me.

After my workout I can relax by the pool till around 9.30 when I return to my Cleaning routine for my home.

All the time feeling warm, back home for me it was a different thing for a start I found it hard to walk or use my hands as the cold make my joints seize up and to be honest made me feel about ten years older.

Here the warmth make me want to get up and go. So for you my friends back home, I think its best you pack your bags and come live in Malaysia. I promise you one thing, you will feel years younger, the Sun refreshes the parts that Heineken can not reach lol.

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