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Fashion Trends for 2013

Fashion Trends for 2013

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Fashion Trends

Fashion for 2013


I was looking at my wardrobe this morning and thinking, it’s time for a clear out and to revise my clothes for 2013.

Now don’t get me wrong I not a fashion geek, I just like to have new clothes to start my New Year and it’s also good to pass my old (nearly new) clothes on to the charity shops so other’s can get use of them.

And I must point out I do not follow any fashions, I just buy clothes that I feel good in, this can be how they hang on my body or how they feel(texture) on me.

Big Tip – Never buy without trying on first, and be careful when trying on in the dressing rooms because they are fitted out with special lightings that make you look good, so once you have the clothes on step out into the lounge area of the dressing rooms and see it under the florescent lights for a true image..(OK how many of you have tried something on in dressing room and thought wow that looks so good on me, then return home to find it does not look that good after all) now you know why.

For the latest Fashion Trends for 2013, you can visit my fashion website.

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