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Falling Over in the Bathroom – Slip Mat Slipped…

Falling Over in the Bathroom – Slip Mat Slipped…

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Shower Time

So it was shower time and one that I had really enjoyed as I had got really sweaty after Cleaning the Car and polishing it.

After rinsing, I stepped out of the shower onto the Non Slip Mat! But to my horror it moved and caused me to lose balance and fall down on to the Marble Floor (so hard).

Non Slip Mats in shower area.

These mats were installed after my last fall in the shower last year. and up to now have never let me down in feeling secure when stepping out of the shower.

However on this occasion they gave way and moved under my feet and sent my body into a fall, I immediately relax my body and tried to form it into an arch so when the lower back hits the floor I will go with it in a roll action.

Remember this all happen in a matter of seconds but believe me when I tell you it all felt slow motion to me  so first impact was the right hand I immediately bent my elbow to ofset the thud and shudder then guiding the lower back to the floor to commence the roll.

The biggest thing was to line my head away from the sink area and as it happened, I did, after the roll up to my shoulders I allowed my body to roll back onto my back Putting one foot down to slow the thud and the way back down.

Once the roll had stopped I remained still for few mins to asses my status before moving .

Lucky I felt ok but shocked, but happy not to have banged my head or fractured my wrist or back. on the hard marble floor.

hard floor shower area

Last time I had the fall I installed the non slip mats the next day, but of course they failed me, so this time I am off looking for the wooden boards type.

shower board for safe exit of the shower.

These are usually expensive but can we really put a price on our health.

I am 55 year of age now and have to respect the fact that my body is not as agile as it was in my younger days.

I know first hand that a fall of any kind can result in death as happened to my dear aunty who was taken so young from us all, due to a fall.

So looking at designs of bathrooms I am often surprised that these rooms have item you can bang your head on the way down, ie toilet bowl or sink. and will be redesigning my new house to keep the shower areas away from these items.

Also I will be looking at non slip coatings you can apply to the shower and surrounding areas.

non slip treatment for your tiles

Oh By The Way —- I am ok, today my back aches a little but otherwise ok, I will take it easy over the next few days give my body time to repair.

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