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Did You Know? Digi has a Super Long Life Plan. Great For The Small Time User.

Did You Know? Digi has a Super Long Life Plan. Great For The Small Time User.

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Super long life plan by Digi is a great option for people like me who does not really make many calls and does not want to have keep reloading every month.

Super Long Life Plan


So for a one off payment of RM30 you get to have the phone in full use and ready to receive calls (as I do not make many myself) without the worry of wanting to use it only to find out you need to reload first.

Being an expat I like to have the phone number available for family and friends to call me at anytime from back home in the UK.

Then whatever amount you have will just carry forward then when you run out of credit you can top up. but for me about RM30 will last the year.

Of course make sure you turn off the data services or it wont last any time at all. the good thing is with the wifi on the phone I am not far these days from a cafe or bar with free wifi, and of course at home I use the house wifi. all in all I am very happy with this long life plan…….

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  1. Steven says:

    Hi john!
    I am in the same boat as you,light user and my super long life plan due for reload in March 2015. If I reload RM10/- do I get to use the phone for another year with some credit balance? Thanks!

  2. Leigha L says:

    Hello John,

    Great post! 🙂

    Just wondering if we are able to MNP Hotlink prepaid plan to Digi Prepaid Plan?

    Does the new Digi Prepaid still have the Super Long Life feature? I know this is an old post and the reason I am asking this is because Maxis discontinued its 365 validity plan in the new #hotlink plan.

    Being a small time user with the new #hotlink plan its a little pricey to top up RM30 every month. So looking for other alternatives.

    Big thanks! Hope you could help 🙂

    • admin says:

      Funny you should ask, Only today I have renewed my plan for another year at a cost of rm30
      follow my previous instructions for access to it, if you are a new user you will have to sign up for the best prepaid plan RM3 then it will allow you to sign up for the yearly plan its all very easy to do and you can even reload on line now so makes it even easier. If you have any problems please let me know I will do my best to help.

      regards John

  3. Darrell says:

    Well done John. I knew there was a way to keep my balance but the Digi website is next to useless and although Super Long Life is mentioned on other fora, the youngsters who inhabit them just talk (text, type) and don’t actually say how to do it. Kudos to the silver surfers. I now only have to worry about recharging my daughter’s emergency mobile with electricity not money.

    • I agree about the Digi website, In fact it was because of my bad experience of trying to find out how to do this, I thought others may benefit from it. and do you know it’s the most looked at post on my blog in the last year.
      Anyway Silver Surfers Rule lol.
      thanks for your kind words Darrell,

      it’s nice know people actually read my blog.

      Regards John.

  4. Candice says:

    nevermind, i figured it out myself, had to pay another RM3 to change to the newest best prepaid plan , ate my money D:

  5. Candice says:

    i was a previous subscriber of this plan, now it has expired after 1 year, i m trying to get super long life plan again, but it only shows 1 and 2 for talktime services now.. has DiGi cancelled the promotion?
    i’ve checked my account info, it’s still in Best Prepaid Plan

  6. Joanne says:

    Why I can’t do it with the steps? Talk time request there don’t have super long life?? Just 1 and 2 only.

    • Hi Joanne,
      I have looked into this for you and it turns out that to get the super long life, you have to first upgrade to the digi best program,then it will let you upgrade to the super long life for rm30.

      This feature is available for DiGi® Best Prepaid subscribers only – this is the condition to be accepted onto the super longlife plan.

      Good luck, because I find this to be a really good package as i am not a big user but like to be assure connection without it running out each month.

      regards John

      More info can be found here

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