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Condo Gyms – Are They Really Any Good?

Condo Gyms – Are They Really Any Good?

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The reason I ask “are condo gym any good” is because I just been down to ours and let me tell you that one has to be careful or risk injury, why? Is no surprise that condominium gyms are great when new but as time goes on and the machine begin to age so do the problems that arise. Let me explain further what I mean……..

When the Condominiums open all the equipment is new and therefore in good working order. but at the years go by the equipment fails, due to non maintenance or the mentality of fix when broke. And of all my years in the property business failing to have planned maintenance is a big mistake.

Anyway that aside what happens is for instance take our equipment, the Condo is from the eighties and so you would be surprised to see the equipment that is installed is actually very good for that time, however as machine breakdown I suspect that they have been replace with these new looking ones(See Video)

As you can see how old the equipment is, how ever you can still have good workout if careful, for me its the running machines that cause me concern, due to the running mat slipping under me,this makes me tense up and lose balance, so scary but could be bad if I fall off the machine all together.

the other was the weight gym station as it used to stick, I say that because today It was really smooth so they must have serviced it, their are two recumbent cycles which for me are not good as they slide apart but that s because I am a big guy and the break does not hold.

But I am still happy that we have a place to go and workout. It also has a boxing area with punch ball floor standing and a big hanging punch bag from the ceiling.

Now by contrast to the gym I used to used.

work station

legs and arm work out

cross trainer


running machines

As you can see the contrast between condo gym and professional ones are massive in comparisons, the pro gyms cost anywhere between RM1000 and RM3000 per year, and if you use every day like I do its good value. but right now I am saving up so the gym membership had to go. and gone with it was the daily routine. Having to actually go out to the gym is all part of the structure when having a gym membership and while I can use our gym every day its so hard because I make to many excuses and before you know it my weight is pilling back on.

So I have to check myself now and then and say enough is enough and get back into a good workout schedule.

The diet I went on, worked but after losing 9kg I thought I could handle it, big mistake I failed badly.

Maybe this is my year to get myself super fit, and the truth is, only I can determine the outcome with will power and daily exercise but most of all reduce my eating of all the wonderful foods on offer to us here in Malaysia.

Wish me Luck.

Regards from FAT feeling John.

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