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Christmas Eve in Johor Bahru

Christmas Eve in Johor Bahru

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Christmas Eve with a glass of milk and some cookies, is something as parents we look forward to with out children as the children anticipate if Santa will give them what they wished for.

This goes for the adults as well as the children, because I don’t know about you but I always have a secret wish at christmas and slip it in with the kids wishes lol. (never get it, but hey we can hope)

But to be honest children today are to smart and question things much more than we ever did.

In fact it’s not a much fun now as it was for us as kids to much info is available that spoils a lot of the old tales we used to be told about how Rudolf and the reindeers fly over head with santa and if you not in bed he will fly pass.

now we get a shrug of the shoulders and maybe a so what!, I get my present from you anyway. Derrrrrr I just feel sad for them, because i was excited for days ahead of the big Visit, In fact instead of milk I told my kids that Santa liked a nice glass of whisky to warm him up in the cold nights, ha ha I not a fan of milk but whisky yum yum so guess what santa got, a big glass he he Adults got to have fun also you know……

So listen does your children still believe? be interested to know…

Cookies and a glass of milk set out on Christmas Eve for Santa. at jb_blog

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