Great News from Johor Bahru

Christmas Day in The Tropics.

Christmas Day in The Tropics.

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Johor Bahru in Malaysia,

map of malaysia on JB_Blog

overhead map view of malaysia on JB_Blog

We are so lucky to be living here in the Malaysia the weather is so nice and hot, OK sometime humid but even now I have got used to it, It is only two seasons here thats the summer months and monsoon months. (but to me, even now it feels the same just monsoon more rain, but same heat and sunshine).

One of the things I love to do on Christmas Morning is head on down to the swimming pool to refresh and relax, it feels so good that on Christmas day I can do this.

nice area to relax

Just laying back by the pool glancing up at the palm trees around me give me such a nice feeling compared to the Christmas days in the UK (Usually cold and damp outside).

However I do miss going down to the local pub for lunch, few games of Snooker and some really good brewed beers. then heading back home to the feast that awaits us.

Like all things in life no matter where you come from their is good and bad aspects, and one has to just accept and enjoy life for the now.

So it’s nearly noon and I have been down by the pool best part of 2 hours and loved every moment of it.

I shall now go back up and prepare our wonderful lunch, today it will be the famous Beef Wellington Except I will switch beef for Turkey Breast with a twist I shall fill it with cranberry jam roll it up then cover with mushroom pate made the day before. and wrap the whole lot in Puff pastry then cook for about 70 mins then while it rest, Ill cook the roast vegetables.

Of course while the cooking is in progress, I am enjoying this nice glass of Red wine, so full bodied with oodles of fruity smells.

We started the day with a nice refreshing Buck Fizz I used a non alcoholic sparkling fruit drink (rm18 for 1.5lt cold storage) and believe me when added with the orange juice it really is just as good as it’s alcoholic version but fraction of the cost.

Ok will add more later along with some photo’s


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