More green lungs planned for Johor.

ISKANDAR PUTERI: Johor plans to allocate more green spaces in south Johor especially within the Iskandar Malaysia economic growth corridor. State Housing and Local Government committee chairman Datuk Abdul Latiff Bandi (pic) said plans were already in the pipeline to open two public parks in Iskandar Malaysia. He said the two parks were the 135.16ha […]

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Propagating Plants for beautiful results! You Need To Know This!

Year after year I spend so much money on buying plants, when all this time I could have been propagating my own but never knew how. Then the other day while I was online I came across this blog article (credit will be given to the guy if i can find back the article) but in […]

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My Tropical Garden – Taken Shape.

Having a Landed Property is one of life’s Pleasures, looking after the garden give’s me great pleasure taking care  of it and then just relaxing and enjoying the visitors that come every day from the humming birds to the bees, moths, frogs, lizards and crickets that sing at night. But also the plants and just […]

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Royal Tree Grows – Planted 12th Sept 2012 by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Singapore

I got a nice Surprise while at the flower show yesterday in Singapore, and that was as I was walking around the Gardens on the Bay I cam across this wonderful looking tree all on it’s own. On further investigation the plague said it was planted by their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of […]

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Top Six Plants That are good for your Heath Indoors. Do You Agree?

I love plants and like to outdoors amongst them most of the year and then when indoors I also like to have them around, but most of them died and that has a lot to do with my ignorance. But I came across this list online and since have not had any problems all the […]

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More Tropical Plants for my Garden in Johor Bahru

I must admit I have seen this plant in Malaysia on many occasions but never realised it was part of the orchid family. So stunning I shall use this in my garden in Johor Bahru also. Most tropical plants grow in areas that have hot and humid climate. They are usually used for decoration and […]

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Caring for Bromeliads – The Best Plant to Go into My Garden in Johor Bahru

A unique and beautiful plant, bromeliads do well in our tropical climate and will add colour and character to your garden. Check out our tips on caring for these unusual plants… This will be my pride and joy at the front of the garden so everyone coming to visit will see this spectacular plant when […]

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Plants, I am Considering for my Garden in Johor Bahru Malaysia. read more

Balcony Gardens

Just been updating my balcony garden website and its great to go back and see it from the start and how the plants have grown over the years. Gardening can be hard work but it is very rewarding in what it gives you back. My father bless him was good with his hands and like […]

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Growing Herbs on the Balcony in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

If you read my blog you will know already that I spend a lot of time out on my balcony and love the lush plants that I have around me, but growing these plants is not hard at all. The trick is to start small with cuttings or seeds and let them grow into the […]

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