How to tell when a house has birds living in it?

This so true as I can vouch for this myself, the best way is to look at the computer keyboard and the chances are the loved ones have got to it. This is mine right now. and as you can see – Keys are missing, I don’t know what it is but they love to […]

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Lovebirds – Take in the Fresh Air of Johor Bahru

Lovebirds enjoying the fresh air in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Johor Bahru has so many trees that its contribution to the air we breath. (however its getting sad seeing so many trees being knocked down to make way for condos etc)

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Mango and Kiwi The Lovebirds Playtime.

Friday and my lovebirds are out of the cage and having so much fun together, I love to watch these two as they are really such a joy to behold.

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Mango and Kiwi the Lovebirds Up for Sale in Johor Bahru,

I have decided to sell my wonderful Lovebirds Mango and Kiwi, They are just over six months old and hand reared from the two weeks of age, So they are really tame and hand trained, I have been breeding the lovebirds as a hobby, but now the Condo has decided to implement its no pets […]

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Lovebirds Kiwi and Mango Playing

Some Recent photo’s taken on my iphone, they such great pet and give me so much pleasure, these birds I have raised from the egg and have grown in to wonderful singing lovebirds. Hope you enjoy them.

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Mango the Lovebird

Mango was really playful yesterday while out of the cage, it’s so good to watch as they see new things around them and how they interact. These are some shots I got of her in action. Hope you enjoy.

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Kiwi and Mango My Baby Lovebirds in Johor Bahru

3 week old lovebirds babies getting excited at the smell of the food being mixed to correct temp. Life has some wonderful things and babies always come out on top no matter what species. Seeing them from birth to growing up is special every day, for me being retired I get to spend a lot […]

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Lovebirds For Sale in Johor Bahru-*Now SOLD*

Just update on the lovebirds for sale Dinky the lovebirds has been reduced to rm350. the Video below will show you three babies they will be sold rm250 each or rm600 the lot. Normally i charge around rm400 for handfed babies, so get yourself a bargain and be amazed at how charming these little birds […]

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My Lovebirds Out Of Cage Eating and Playing Videos

These are my lovebirds family out of cages playing and feeding, and dinky flying, she is so active. the next one is the lovebirds out playing – this is everyday around 9.30am till about 11.30am.

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