Workouts are so much more fun in JB

Working out in my gym in JB. Malaysia. Is great every morning overlooking the beach and sea. Using treadmill is much better when one has good views. The New Gym I’m Using has some great views to look at while i work off a few pounds on the treadmill. My Last Gym at the Thistle […]

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Ride Your Way To Great Health in 2015

While out shopping today I came across these push bikes for sale and was surprised how cheap they was. I must say that living in Johor Bahru is great I am pleased to see lots of people out doing exercise early morning around 7.30 – 9am at the roundabout in Bukit Indah they do tai […]

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Something FREE in Johor Bahru in Dec 2014

Hi Folk’s Yes you read it right and now is a great time to get yourself FIT and get FREE 6 months or 120 days added to your yearly or half yearly membership. REPS Fitness centre in Johor Bahru has become the place to be to get fit in JB. So Take advantage of this […]

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Setting Up A Home Gym in Johor Bahru, Malaysia in 2014

Setting up a home gym – I think most home owner would like to have a gym in their home.           But what does it entail to set it up. You may be surprised to find out that a home gym is available to most home owners. Yes, you can construct […]

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