Gold Fish – So Relaxing.

Looking at my goldfish is so relaxing while i think of things to blog about with regards to Johor in Malaysia.   They way they swim around the tank, eat the food i give them and play with each other. I call my fish Jasper and Molly and love having them near me while i […]

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Balcony Gardens

Just been updating my balcony garden website and its great to go back and see it from the start and how the plants have grown over the years. Gardening can be hard work but it is very rewarding in what it gives you back. My father bless him was good with his hands and like […]

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Merry Christmas To All Our Readers in 2013

May we take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2014. It really does not feel that long since I wrote that last year. Time waits for no man, is such a true saying and one that as i get older (56 in Jan) has more meanings […]

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Growing Herbs on the Balcony in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

If you read my blog you will know already that I spend a lot of time out on my balcony and love the lush plants that I have around me, but growing these plants is not hard at all. The trick is to start small with cuttings or seeds and let them grow into the […]

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For Sale – Piano Workstation, Complete Tropical Fish tank, Out Door Bio Pond and Fish tower

So March is my clear out month and I have decided to sell some Items to make way for new Things to bring Prosperity into my home. but first to clear out the old. So First Up is My Casio Piano Workstation, Full 88 Key with Stand and Stool: Excellent Condition and sound For sale […]

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My Fishes Growing Up Fast.

It’s amazing really that my small fry fish have grown so big now and have developed some nice shades and colors, the tank has been redone with more rocks and gravel as they love to dig in it and create their own little areas to breed. Enjoy the photos but only taken with iphone and […]

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Fish Resort Update in Johor Bahru

Just a Quick Update on the Fish Resort i set up in my Pond and a previous update. I had to suck some air out and this raise the water level but apart from that it’s been great and the fish love it, I decided to add a plant that they can hang around and swim […]

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My Little fishes growing up.

These are some photos of the Fry that have grown up. you never know what you get with fry as they can be anything but I am lucky as i got some nice mouthbrooder cichlids with my batch,

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Fish Resort in Johor Bahru – They Love It.

Hi Folks, Just a quick update on yesterdays project, the fish tank resort as I call it. Not much action over night but this morning the food i put in last night was gone, then today I added more food and by 5pm the tank was full, the best is their were babies I never […]

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New Year – New Project – Fish Tank Resort – Fish Can Swim Above The Waterline.

Hi  Readers, Yes I have had this Idea floating around in my head, since I saw a fish tank sphere in  koi Tank, this is one. So I decided that 2013 would be the year to have ago, and today after getting everything I needed I got down to it, the first thing was to […]

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