Boost for entrepreneurs through Ole-Ole Johor Centre

JOHOR BARU: The state government wants to encourage young entrepreneurs, especially those who are talented in making handicraft, to sell their products through Ole-Ole Johor Centre here. State Tourism, Trade and Consumerism committee chairman Datuk Tee Siew Kiong said the centre would provide a better platform for these innovative entrepreneurs to market their products to […]

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Replace Bread – Two Ingredient Super Healthy.

When I came across this article on the hearty soul – I knew i just had to share it with your all. Just two ingredients Eggs and whey protein. We all love Bread – bread is delicious, and it was probably a dietary staple for most of us growing up. It’s also fairly toxic. For […]

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Propagating Plants for beautiful results! You Need To Know This!

Year after year I spend so much money on buying plants, when all this time I could have been propagating my own but never knew how. Then the other day while I was online I came across this blog article (credit will be given to the guy if i can find back the article) but in […]

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10 Tips for Starting a Wellness Program Today

It’s never too late to begin your journey in wellness! Here are 10 steps you can take today to get started. 1. Write out your goals and desires. What’s your wellness vision? Where do you envision yourself three to five years from now? Set three-month and weekly goals based on your wellness vision. Goals should […]

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Burning Of Garden Waste in Residential Areas – Not Good for Neighbours…

Common sense should win every time,But when it comes to burning, some  people do not think about others in their area. Burning rubbish can cause localised air pollution and annoy neighbours. why? Well first, it creates bad smell in the house which last for days, clothes that I just washed are now contaminated and smelly […]

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GAMBAR: Superhero Captain America Buat Apa Di Johor Bahru? – MYNEWSHUB

Semua tahu, salah satu watak superhero yang dicipta dalam siri komik Marvel, Captain America merupakan individu yang bersedia mempertahankan negaranya   Source: GAMBAR: Superhero Captain America Buat Apa Di Johor Bahru? – MYNEWSHUB

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Captain America motorcycle riding in JB – The People’s Post BM Version

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 April: Bagi sesetengah daripada kita, hidup seperti seorang superhero komik pernah menjadi impian ketika zaman kanak-kanak. Tetapi bagi lelaki berusia 46 tahun, Kimberly Lee Tan, di Source: Captain America motorcycle riding in JB – The People’s Post BM Version

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Apple and Pear Cake with added Muesli for Body Turned out Great

Decided to bake today and started with some apples and pears i had left over but then i notice some muesli i wanted to finish up so added it and what came out of the over was? This is the recipe i followed just added muesli. Then into my tummy like this. And i can […]

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Home Fair Come’s To Johor Bahru This April 2015

Time to update or renovate your home, well good news is that the Home fair is on at the Persada Centre Johor Bahru.

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Master Baker I’m Not.

Today I had ago at a Apple and Pear Cake today and it came out OK. And I have to tell you it taste great so much filling in between crusty top and bottom. not a lot to making this as everything goes into one bowl and mix by hand with wooden spoon tip into […]

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