Try Again if at first you do not succeed

Ok well yesterday i messed up – Totally got my days wrong, so this is the test for the software i want to use for editorial of the blog.

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Test of New Editorial software.

One of the Problems of running a blog is to make sure that people have something to read when they arrive at the landing page. while this should be not a problem if you have time to do daily blog entries I find lately that i am spending more time in the garden than a […]

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Tech Attack Malaysia – Great Find Online.

So today while surfing the net I came across this website called Tech Attack and found it to be full of great info on all things Tech in Malaysia. Check it out yourself – you will not be disappointed. I took this screen shot while on the site.. One good bit of news I came […]

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My Internet Speed Test – Why Bother – They never Reflect my Usage Speed

I get so frustrated at my Internet Speed, working at my computer I like things to happen as soon as I click, Not wait for things to load – I want it Now – It’s 2014 and still we have to wait.   Example: Working on my blog and want to add photos that normally […]

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How to Make Money in Malaysia – As an Affiliate.

You won’t become a millionaire – so if that’s what you are after then this is not the place for you. but if you have a hobby or just love to chat via your blog or website. then becoming an affiliate is good because you earn commission for pointing people to websites via a link that […]

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How to tell when a house has birds living in it?

This so true as I can vouch for this myself, the best way is to look at the computer keyboard and the chances are the loved ones have got to it. This is mine right now. and as you can see – Keys are missing, I don’t know what it is but they love to […]

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Digi Still Rule – Caring for Customer’s Who Want Yearly Connection

Hi folk’s Just a quick update to let you know that the Superlife deal Digi has is still ongoing and cost only Rm 30 once you have signed up for the Bestpaid plan RM3. (remember to do this first before you sign up for the Superlife) I am getting lots of emails about this and […]

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iMac and the Dreaded Black Screen Issue.

So my Mac has been in the DARK for the last week or so and I feel so sad about it all. The thing that annoys me the most is that this is a problem that has been ongoing for the last 4 years and from what i read it happens around the 4th year. […]

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My Apple Imac no Longer Working. Cry…

My imac is playing up and giving me a black screen, I know it’s working but the screen LCD no longer works, Apple are useless in this matter and just say take it into apple for service. But from the online information I am amazed that so many people are having this very same problem […]

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I love Gets New App for free download

Powered by Conduit Mobile This is a trail to see if having an app will help people enjoy the website while on the move, I will try to keep on top of it for fresh content, but please bear with me while its in its trial period.

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