Clamping down on illegal parking – in Johor Bahru.

JOHOR BARU: Enough is enough for the Johor Baru City Council (MBJB) when it comes to indiscriminate parking especially within the Johor Baru central business district (CBD) areas. Johor Baru mayor A. Rahim Nin said many motorists were taking the easy way out by parking their vehicles along the road although there was sufficient parking […]

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Why Did My Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Tyres Degraded So Badly in Malaysia

I got these in 2010 November and two months ago was shocked to see how badly they were falling apart, everyday bits dropping off to a point I got scared of driving. I went back to my tyre dealer who agreed they were bad and suggested under they warranty I should return back to Michelin […]

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Live Traffic in Johor Bahru on Google Maps -Now Available

Live Traffic Shown On Google Maps How often have your wondered what the traffic will be like in Johor Bahru, well now you can find out the easy way with Google maps. Live Traffic on Google Maps Now Available in Johor Bahru and on major Malaysian highways as well.Malaysians can now access data about real […]

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Advance Car Tech – Is This The future?

Car interior spaces have come a long way over the years but are we headed for hi tech cars that control navigation,radio,contacts,vehicle info,telephone calls and much more. As amazing and technologically advanced as some in-car infotainment systems are, there’s one crucial problem with them: shelf life. By the time an infotainment system makes its way […]

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My New Car for 2014 – Ordered Today

Well today after lots of research I placed an order for a new 2014 Honda City LV Model – this car has all the bells and whistles of cars that are twice its price and its bigger than most of them. The colour I chose is Modern Steel – it’s a smooth classic look and […]

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Today My Civic Came Home After Her Operation – Great Car Service in Johor Bahru

My Baby Honda Civic came home after a two day operation to mend her sick Alternator and Renew her Battery. Yeah I know not what you expected but I was so pleased to see she had been taken care of in the Hands of the Best Car Service Centre in Johor Bahru. Jen Auto Service […]

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