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Cat Grass – Mia and Suki Love it..

Cat Grass – Mia and Suki Love it..

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My Cats Mia and Suki are house cats, and so do not get outside to roll in the grass and play in the trees so as a pet owner I try to make their life as interesting as possible, by giving them things they could get if we lived in a landed property on not a condo unit.

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cat grass and how my cats love it on JB_BLog

The first thing they love is the Cat Grass that I grow for them to eat, as you know cat like to eat this to help them get sick, (Strange I know but actually it’s a good idea for the cats as it helps them remove hairballs that can get stuck in their intestines.the grass causes a reaction that help them evacuate the hairballs) I am also amazed at the size of the hairballs that come out of them.

One thing I do know is that they are happy once its out, but for a cat their it not a choice as they have to use their tongue to keep themselves clean so it’s inevitable that a little hair is swept down each lick. have you ever seen your bath or sink blocked only to remove hair that has joined up forming a sludge so thick it blocks the water from passing will this is what can happy to a cat.

Just in case you are not sure what a hairball is check out the picture below….V

selection of cats hairballs

cats hairball

By eating this grass they are relived of the offending hairs so no wonder they are happy after its out.

My Persian cat Mia, is long haired and suffers badly with hairballs, but thankfully she looks so good and is healthy thanks to Cat Grass.

Hope your day is going good,

chat soon,

John J Foster

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