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Body Fat – Not Nice So Time to Get Rid

Body Fat – Not Nice So Time to Get Rid

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Body Fat is ok in moderation but when it hangs its time to get rid, I just notice after my shower that the skin around the back by the arm pits is so lose.

This the area I mean ,but lose at the back.

About a year ago I use to work this area to help give me the V shape I was after and due to not going to the gym with all the body machines, that working different parts of the body and my condo gym, I stop working that area, and I think this is the reason its now started to get lose, If i reach under my arm and behind I can grab a handful of fat that never before could I do, as it was muscle.

Which just goes to show that the saying “Use it or Lose it”, is true.

So I am off down to our condo gym and do a workout plus I will start back my swimming which I have not done for ages.


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