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Boat Show Asia Starts Today

Boat Show Asia Starts Today

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Today I was going to go over to the boat show in Kepple Bay Singapore but I forgot about it and although its only 11.20am I like to go over into singapore around 10am when traffic at its least.

kepple bay boat show 2013

But it’s on for few days so I will probably go over tomorrow.

I have been going to the shows since it began many years ago and have a really good time talking to the people on the stands or onboard the yachts . Also I usually go over on foot using the bus then metro into the harbour front and walk round to the show, why because some of the sponsors are quite generous with the beer or whisky, as I will not drive with the smell of beer on let alone a glass, beside it’s nice sometimes to use public transport as you get to see things not obvious to car drivers being so low down.

I make a day of it, see the stands for product then go have lunch on the restaurant overlooking the marina, then its off onto the yachts and motorboats for fact finding and general me being nosey as to what’s on offer for 2013.

OK well I will post pictures of the event over the weekend , so have a good weekend yourself who know maybe we meet at the show.

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