Great News from Johor Bahru

Birthday In Jan – Birthday Card Arrive in March.

Birthday In Jan – Birthday Card Arrive in March.

Give a Shout to your Freinds

My Birthday card

I find it so funny that Living in the tropics and enjoying all that it has to offer, yet, still in 2013 the mail can take 3 months to arrive.

Of course not all mail but now and then mail does go astray, this time a birthday card, but what if something important, well I guess that would serve us right for not paying extra for registered mail.

But it gave me a really good feeling, receiving this card even thou late from a dear friend back in the UK.

And that’s what good old mail does, their is something about getting mail from my home country, its like christmas opening the presents, a happy feeling and excitement about it’s contents, Something I do not feel when I receive email,sms, or Facebook messages.

And postage is not to expensive, so if it give me so much pleasure maybe I should write home to my family and friend in the uk more.

What about you, do you miss the old ways? for me getting mail is something I miss.

enjoy your weekend


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