Great News from Johor Bahru

Back To Normal,Routine and Just Enjoying Life

Back To Normal,Routine and Just Enjoying Life

Give a Shout to your Freinds
Life back to normal

Laid back life

I don’t know about you guys and girls but I like it when things get back to normal, festive season is great, please do not get me wrong but getting back to normal is just so cool.

The traffic in JB was smooth flowing but no so on the causeway so jammed, ha ha now this part I guess people could do without but again it’s part of life for people who live in JB but work in Singapore. Work for SG Dolor and Live in RM makes great sense so one just has to put up with the transit headaches.

So if your heading off to work then I hope you have a great day,and the traffic does not upset you to much.

Look forward to weekends, but for me everyday is a weekend and routine is the name of the day oh and contentment. but right now I am working on my list for weekly time management, this will help me with my New Year resolutions and to add a routine to follow to maintain a schedule.

I think I failed my last years resolutions because I did not plan for them.

So wish my luck for this year, and whatever you wished for I hope you can achieve it also…..

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